What’s The Difference Between A Website and a Blog?

difference between a website and a blogSo you’re here because you want to know what the difference between a website and a blog is. Today’s era is all about the web. With a simple connectivity with the internet, you can be all over the world. Everyone from the individuals to the businesses is keen on increasing their virtual presence. Everyone wants to be a brand through the web. Virtual presence of a business can be well established through websites and blogs. But there is a difference between the two. These fundamental differences are required to be understood in detail so that you can make use of them in the most proficient way. No more waiting! Let’s go.




What is a Website

A site on the web. It is nothing but a group of pages stacked up on the browser that lets you deliver or gather information about a particular subject. This subject could be anything starting from selling your product on the web to the making of pasta. A website is an easily navigable
page that allows the visitor to know about the purpose of the website, what it does and what it offers to the people at large.
The information fed on this site is static in nature. Once done, the sections remain the same.
Only some new developments needed strategically or according to the need are added up.

What is a Blog

It came into existence with the words weB LOG. This is a platform that is constantly updated and the writer expresses one’s opinion on a certain issue. This is a completely different platform than the website as it is informal in nature and involves conversation between the reader and the writer. The blog could be used as a hobby or a business tool depending on the needs of the entities.
The differences are explained in detail below:

What is the difference between a website and a blog?

Static in nature:
A website contains information that is tailor made so that the navigation becomes easy for the visitor. They are made in order to facilitate the user and make him/her feel at home with the usage of the site.
New and ever-changing:
The blog is prepared on a daily basis. It is a habit where the writer shares experiences about a particular thing. This is regularly updated on a daily basis.
The approach is transnational in nature. It is concerned with turning the customer who purchases the product from the website or reaches the reason for making the website. It does not and is not capable of building a long-term relationship with the customer. The conversation is on one to one basis.
A blog is written in an informal way that involves interaction in the form of comments and expression of opinions of the readers. It is an interactive platform that allows people to express. These views are not necessarily true, but a long term relationship or a bond is likely to occur between the two parties. The conversation is one to many.
The main communication on a website is about the product or the services offered by the companies commercially. There are some or the other offerings to the consumer.
The communication can be on any topic related to intellectual, commercial or informational. A blogger can write about any topic of commercial importance or just for the personal fun. It does not bring any rules and regulations along with it.
Requires a programmer:
The websites are developed by web developers or the people having specialized knowledge of the ways in which an attractive website can be made. It involves software engineering and only the person with the knowledge in the particular field can create one.
Requires a Blogger:
Almost anyone who is good at writing skills, editing and have knowledge on the topic to be written can write a blog. Writing blog is an easy way to express oneself and the whole world is capable of noticing you. You will still need to know how to at least set up a blog using a CMS such as wordpress. Or you can get a web designer to create one for you at the fraction of the cost when compared with a website.
Unique address:
A website has its unique address or URL. It can be accessed by entering that website address.
Unique as well as differing:
A blog has its address, but addresses for every blog are also created separately. The writer can share that address with someone who is interested in reading a particular blog.
www.amazon.com, www.xyz.com can be the addresses of the websites that can be made and it can cater to a particular cause.
Blogs can be from different names. Anyone
interested can create one.
https://robinsharma/blog etc.

How about a deadly combo of the two?

Websites and blogs can be used in unison by an individual or a business/organization and can be used to attract a large number of visitors, or to say, increase traffic to their website as well as blog. There are some websites that are both a website and a blog. For example; those which use WordPress. It is a platform that not only sells the designs and plugins created by users on the site, but it also allows the individuals to write a blog of their own. The best points of the two are combined to lead to a much larger user base, as well as an increase in profitability.
Not only can one keep a perfectly working static content website, but you can also keep on putting up new posts relevant to the offerings that would educate the visitors and increase the traffic. A cool idea! Isn’t it? In fact, that’s exactly what Blubanana web design is doing. And we can help you do the same. Check out our web design services or contact us for a web design quote today.


I hope this post answers the your question, what is the difference between a website and a blog. To conclude the article all I can say is that both the website and blog are made for totally different purposes. If you are in a business or have something different to offer to the world then you can use both of them as tools that can be useful to you. It gives:

  • A friendly look to your site
  • Use of SEO, SMM and the other digital marketing strategies in the posts
  • Ease of developing relationships with the help of informal pathway and selling the
    product too.

The combination helps you to reach out to people in a more presentable way. This could be your all new found way to strategize. Try it and notice the changes that follow.

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