What You Should Know About The Bridge WordPress Theme

There are several advantages to being a WordPress Blogger. Apart from the plethora of free options, there’s a wide range of paid themes, including the wonderful bridge WordPress theme, features, and plugins that could help any page get a huge amount of organic traffic.

This is why many professional bloggers and website owners opt for the more advanced and versatile WordPress themes. In exchange for a token fee, they can enhance their blogs or pages and get a high ROI in almost no time! After all, these are named premium themes for a reason.

Many paid WordPress themes may only cater to a single kind of business or creative streak. However, the more popular themes are no doubt those that are multi-purpose. Such themes offer demos, unique features, and a high level of customization plus personalization in order to tailor themselves to a company’s needs. These also come in handy when a company needs to change things up, whether it’s revamping a brand image or cashing in on some trends.

One of the most popular multi-purpose WordPress themes is Bridge. Though simply named, the Bridge WordPress theme is able to cater to a wide variety of businesses, companies, and even individual bloggers. In the review below, we’ll be discussing the Bridge WordPress theme and details such as its flexibility, user-friendliness, and the features it offers:

bridge wordpress theme



Behind the Bridge WordPress Theme

As already before, the Bridge WordPress theme is a multi-purpose one. This means that it has several choices of layouts, demos, background, etc. A WordPress user can select whichever one they need after purchasing the theme.
the Bridge WordPress Theme was founded by a digital design agency named Qode Themes. Its versatility is hence only to be expected, since designing agencies know what’s needed in a blogging theme.

Qode Themes have been in the designing business for around five years and have also constructed 15 other WordPress themes, meaning that Bridge is the result of expertise and passion combined.

About Qode Themes

This digital design agency has gained quite an impressive name and reputation for itself. Since so many of the themes on ThemeForest are attributed to this company, Qode has gained the coveted Power Elite Author Badge awarded by ThemeForest.

In total, the sales of Qode’s themes number around 57,000 on that site alone. The revenue of these sales measures no less than $2 million USD. The company also employs almost 40 employees and is constantly expanding as we speak.

According to the sales and review on ThemeForest, the Bridge WordPress theme seems to be Qode Themes’ most successful offering. As of now, it has around 32,000 customers and is garnering highly positive reviews from many of them. Even if there’s the occasional negative review, other customers are extremely surprised to hear of someone disliking their favorite theme ever.
Features of The WordPress Bridge Theme

The Bridge WordPress theme is a premium offering, which means it would definitely have several kinds of features. Among the most coveted of these is the ability it gives users to create the kind of website they wish without prior coding knowledge.

In short, this theme is all the code you need to drag, drop, fill in information, and generally work with to get the website of your dreams. The features that make all this possible include, but are not limited to:

Two Dozen Layouts

The layouts available with the Bridge theme are not just limited to one or two choices. Currently, there are around 24 of them, all ready for use with a single click. All you need to do is view them and decide which one best suits your brand image or the effect you’re trying to make.
Bridge’s layouts are not just limited to the usual offerings such as classic, blog, etc. They also come in grid form, making it easy to display all your posts or products in one place. Other layouts include a blog theme, a left menu, full-screen mode, one-page, landing page, and some that support several shop categories. There’s even a theme you can choose especially for displaying a creative portfolio.

Each of these layouts gives the blogger certain flexibility in designing their website. Since this is a premium theme, we want the best and most outstanding look. Having the same theme and layout as millions of other bloggers just won’t cut it. This is why it’s so great to have the Bridge WordPress theme help out with the built-in tools and natural customization.

bridge wordpress theme

Hundreds of Demos

Since the Bridge WordPress theme is made to serve several purposes, it’s not surprising that it would have many, many demos to choose from. Demos are a display of web design and content examples that can be used as inspiration or guidance.

The demos on Bridge are not just varied, but their content and designs are so plentiful that they can help you construct all types of WordPress sites. For instance, you can make your photography blog within minutes just by pulling up the relevant demo and adding your own information/details.

One major advantage of using Bridge in constructing your new WordPress blog is that you’ll get just what you see. The demos aren’t out to fool you; you’d get every nuanced effect and more just by selecting that option. Once you add your unique content, you’d have a professional and personalized website all your own!

bridge wordpress theme

Full Background with Parallax Effects

Another great feature of the Bridge WordPress Theme is that it’s focused on giving us users a lot of control over the final results. This is especially true when it comes to the choice of background images. With Bridge, you can use a huge image for filling the whole screen or use it to customize your headers.

You can use a header with a prominent picture background for your social media or “Call to Action” buttons. This would make it a whole lot easier for your viewers and potential customers to navigate your website and use it for its intended purpose. Since you can use whatever picture you like and place the buttons on your own, this makes the construction of your website more flexible, pliable, and unique.
Bridge also gives us the ability to add Parallax layers on any pages we design with it. With these kinds of layers, we may look forward to a visual and interactive depth. This promises a high level of engagement with your visitors as well as a highly positive first impression!

Complimentary Plugins

When you purchase the Bridge WordPress theme, you get two WordPress plugins completely free of charge. These plugins are of the premium variety and would not be otherwise available without paying their respective prices.

One of these plugins is Layers Slider. With this premium WordPress service, you get to construct some stunning image sliders as well as video sliders. This allows a unique, fun, and impressive display of your products, samples, or any part of your portfolio. The plugin also allows for awesome CSS animations, 3D effects, and much more!

The other premium plugin you get is called Visual Composer. With this in hand, any blogger or website manager could create the page layout they need if it’s not available already. No coding work or knowledge is required here. You’re given the tools and grid; all you have to do is drag and drop the items you want on your page. Even if you’re a beginner, Virtual Composer would make it incredibly easy to get the kind of layout you need.

Integration Effects

Many WordPress themes may work amazingly on their own, but ultimately fail when it comes to integrating with the necessary plugins. With the Bridge theme in place, there’s no need to worry about such issues. The Bridge WordPress theme can fully support all the WordPress plugins you may want to add to your site or blog. There may be a few outliers, but most of the free and premium plugins work seamlessly with the Bridge WordPress theme.

WooCommerce Support

Support for Woocommerce is an essential feature for anyone who has a WordPress blog or site in this day and age. WooCommerce itself is a popular platform for e-commerce dealings, specially constructed for WordPress sites. In accordance with this service, Bridge makes sure its users can easily operate WooCommerce though several readymade shopping templates.

When you choose your shop template, it would automatically display your WooCommerce shop in the most aesthetically pleasing manner possible. As is usual with Bride, very little effort is required on your part.

bridge wordpress theme


To sum up, the Bridge theme is a highly praised and coveted one for many different reasons. Since it caters to such a wide variety of users and businesses, users of Bride have found cause to rave about it according to their own experiences.

With Bridge, we have a lot of options to choose from; with each option comes flexibility and choice. You’ll be able to customize your menus, your layout, and just about every nuance of your new website. Hundreds of Google fonts, scores of shortcodes, and a myriad of built-in tools make construction an enjoyable task. We hence highly recommend that you snap up this WordPress theme and set your sights on a professional online presence.




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