Bootstrap WordPress Themes For All Occasions

WordPress has long been the go-to platform for many bloggers and businesses. Over the years, several bootstrap WordPress themes have been introduced to provide many customized features according to the user’s needs.

These new themes may come with a financial cost they may be completely free to use. Among the most popular kinds these days, however, are those that are built with Bootstrap.

Bootstrap is a responsive HTML and CSS framework for websites and blogs that help web designers create visually pleasing designs based on grids. With its user-friendly layout, its compatible themes are perfect for both novice and professional bloggers. Along with the straightforward development, Bootstrap is a famous framework that is incredibly suited to mobile-friendly sites. It also allows for up to date technology such as CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript.

There are a lot of WordPress themes built with Bootstrap. You may get confused about which one to choose. Perhaps the listing and discussion below would be of help. Here are our Top 10 bootstrap WordPress themes for all occasions.

1. Porto

Porto Bootstrap WordPress Theme

The first on our list is Porto. Porto is a responsive WordPress theme that is also suitable for eCommerce and can be customized according to Any users needs. Since it has a price tag, it’s more popular among business owners rather than users creating a site for fun. There have been more than 15,000 satisfied users of this theme so far, so it must be good.

This is one of the most popular Bootstrap WordPress themes for creating and displaying portfolios, general blogs, and e-commerce platforms. It contains no less than thirty layouts for the homepage alone as well as many other options for other pages so the user will never be short of options.

The WPMU (WordPress Multi-User) for this theme has been tested and approved along with the child themes. If you’re not entirely sure about purchasing this theme, you have access to a wide range of demos. These include construction blogs, medical blogs, real-estate services, and hotel and restaurant services, so you can try before you buy.

With this theme, the user also gets a lot of amazing built in widgets to set your blog apart from others. The optimization tool for this theme operates at a high speed, which combines with the social sharing buttons in helptin to get you a high volume of organic traffic. Enjoy the custom elements and the limitless colors while designing your pages. You can’t go wrong when it comes to the Porto WordPress theme.


2. Neighborhood

Neighborhood Bootstrap WordPress Theme

The Neighborhood bootstrap WordPress theme is a responsive eCommerce theme that serves multiple purposes. It presents a beautiful crisp, white effect, giving your site a very modern look. It’s a perfect, minimal layout for your online storefronts, shops, and market dealings.

The WooCommerce plugin is a major feature of this theme. This gives the user access to several features when listing their products. They can add products in several different categories, add tags to them, create a sales page, and put everything on display in galleries. This theme is also perfect for those who want their products rated and reviewed. The information and sorting are easy to view and navigate, making sure your visitors enjoy browsing your site, increasing the likelihood of them purchasing an item and the user making a sale.

The customization level of Neighborhood is very decent, with sidebar alignment, different layout, custom pages, custom posts with shortcodes, and much more. It’s recommended that you first have some idea of what you want if you’re going to select Neighborhood as your final theme.


3. XStore

XStore Bootstrap WordPress Theme

The XStore Bootstrap Worpress Theme is among the most elegant and highly versatile themes available for WordPress. Its aesthetics are minimal yet highly attractive with a very professional look and feel. There are several kinds of settings, pages, and tools on offer that can help you create the online store of your dreams.

The various color schemes and features help to give a trustworthy and personalized impression that would attract your target audience when done right. Plus, this is by far one of the easiest themes to get a hold on. As you’d expect from Bootstrap WordPress themes, it has a responsive design, allowing you to you to get views and visits from users on all kinds of smart devices.

You can showcase your products and services with this theme in an easy yet professional manner with the slideshow and presentation features. Page Builder is fully integrated, as with several other Bootstrap WordPress themes, allowing you to arrange any element you like with the super-simple drag-and-drop function.

While XStore does have a cost attached to it, it’s only a one-time fee. After this, you get all the updates, added plugins, and new releases without an additional cent.


4. Woffice

Woffice Bootstrap WordPress Theme

Woffice introduces business owners and bloggers to the intranet. This theme is self-hosted and can be installed by even a novice user within a few minutes. If you have an existing business, Woffice is extremely flexible and can adapt to whatever design or features you require.

When you get this theme, you also get just about everything that WordPress has to offer, including its thousands of extensions! It’s no wonder that several thousand organizations all over the world already use Woffice for their intranet or extranet needs.

There are Woffice demos available online for testing as well. Any interested individual can check them out. The makers of Woffice are never satisfied, though; they keep upgrading and improving according to new innovations in the industry. With this particular theme, you can be sure of never being left behind!

It’s possible to update Woffice in a variety of ways and from several devices. Once you’re on board, you’ll get to explore new and exciting features all the time.


5. BuildPress

Buildpress Bootstrap WordPress Theme

BuildPress offers a blogger all they need to get started. It has headers, pages made in advance, and a highly satisfying network for customer support. There are thousands of BuildPress users who are thoroughly satisfied and impressed by the service they’ve received.

This theme is usually touted as the perfect one for building and construction sites. Since construction companies and contractors usually need a specific kind of layout for showcasing their work and services, BuildPress is highly suited for them. Of course, this theme can easily and efficiently be utilized for other kinds of businesses as well, such as financial websites.

Customers are also full of praises for the awesome design and layout that this theme offers. The demos are another amazing feature, which you can download and import to your website with just a single click. With the entire demo content right in front of you, it’s easy to fill in the blanks and make it all your own! You can also make use of the real-time editing to keep a close eye on your website.


6. Alyeska

Alyeska Boorstrap WordPress Theme

This is the theme you want in order to have an impressive, flexible layout that provides an unforgettable experience for every user. This theme can get any site the kind of traffic its owners or managers want. Its unique features and design make every product, service, or informative item stand out and be recognized. There are so many layout options that no two Alyeska websites would be the same, though they would all be enthralling.

There are both professional and personal features within this theme, allowing you to choose whatever combination you’d like. Plus, your visitors could be browsing from any kind of high-resolution device and still be able to enjoy the full experience of this theme. As more technology enters the market, your site would remain accessible and have a beautifully sharp resolution no matter which devices are in vogue.

Responsive web design is the name of the game with Alyeska, ensuring that all kinds of experiences are taken into account. You may want to view this theme’s demo on any device you can get your hands on as proof.


7. Rhythm

Rhythm Bootstrap WordPress Theme

The Rhythm theme for WordPress is a highly popular one, which makes it no surprise that it was awarded an Honorable Mention by Awwwards. It’s been featured on several popular sites and is now three times faster than before. This goes to show that its developers are paying a lot of attention and striving to make its experience better and better every day.

With Rhythm, you get access to almost 40 layout options and even more elements, modules, etc. Businesses, portfolios, creative agencies, and many more users are highly satisfied with the results of this theme.

Basically, Rhythm is one of the Bootstrap WordPress themes that allow you to be yourself and showcase what you like the way you want. If you need something premade in order to get inspired for your own site, Rhythm would give you a score of demos, both single-page and multi-page.

The usual design that Rhythm gives its users is based on minimalistic and clean lines. This makes it perfect for enhancing the business of a photography, marketing, or advertising organization. Don’t be put off by the seemingly complex options and features, though. The installation of Rhythm is highly simple, and you can have your site up and running within a couple of minutes!


8. Specular

Specular Bootstrap WordPress Theme

Specular is one of those multi-purpose WordPress themes that can give you even more than you require for your website. The customization tools, settings, and other offerings are a huge hit with Specular users, especially if the reviews are to be believed.

This bootstrap WordPress theme makes several professional demos available to you. At the same time, you can make any one of these demos your own by customizing and personalizing it to reflect your brand image. In fact, the unique part of this theme is that you may make your changes and check them out before making a purchase. You can’t ask for anything more in the way of before-sales service!

What’s more, this customization won’t require any special coding knowledge or skills. There are drag-and-drop functions and everything’s in place, ready for your magic to happen. Once you own your customized design, you can even back up all your content and have a dummy site to fall on in case of an emergency.


9. Studiofolio

Studiofolio Bootstrap WordPress Theme

This bootstrap WordPress theme is one that harkens back to the classic WordPress layout. It’s got a multipurpose theme that can accommodate both your regular blog and portfolio for showing to potential clients. It would also give you the chance to insert videos or embed any other kind of media to make your portfolio a holistic experience.

Users of Studiofolio have also noticed and appreciated how this theme can help you specify certain widths of pages if the full-screen mode is not preferable. This allows the perfect size and formatting you need for any kind of project being showcased.

In short, this theme is highly responsive, has conveniently placed menu locations, and is retina ready. Customize to your heart’s content and make sure your visitors can see the full potential of your creativity. Let them click through your work easily, and they’d be all the more willing to purchase or place an order on whichever creation they fall in love with.


10. University

University Bootstrap WordPress Theme

Sometimes, you just need a professional yet user-friendly platform for your potential visitors. This is usually the case when your business or organization is educational in nature. Universities, colleges, and schools would usually have need of a theme like University. Not surprisingly, this theme has a great reputation for allowing educational institutions to manage their dealings.

With University, one can manage their school, college, and university events as well as businesses such as a gift shop on campus. Other kinds of sales pages would allow students to pay their fees or manage their course with the integrated WooCommerce feature. Bootstrap WordPress themes cannot get more versatile!

The University theme would also allow educational organizations to sell tickets for certain events like literature festivals, carnivals, and fundraisers. With all of these options on one platform, the whole management process will become smooth and seamlessly integrated.

The best part about this theme is that it doesn’t need any prior knowledge of designing or coding. The Visual Composer would allow you to simply drag what you like and drop it onto your page. Several styles and demos would help you inspire and get started on any educational task.

The University theme is also equipped with LearnDash, which is a plugin for LMS (learning management system). Along with this, the responsive design, translation readiness, and several more features allow you to handle whatever the education industry requires.


More Bootstrap WordPress Themes

There are literally hundreds of great bootstrap WordPress themes available to purchase and they are all incredibly affordable.


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